Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pooped! (aka, tired)

Since Carol wasn't feeling well again today (I blame her new medication), I went solo. I was supposed to get in 8, but I opted for only 5.46 since I only worked a half day yesterday (and I have way more than the other half of the day's worth of work to catch up on). I told myself that I would run until lights or traffic required me to stop. Wow. The universe must have been paying me back for being so lazy yesterday morning because I only had to stop for traffics or lights three times - and even then, they weren't long stops! I did stop once to reply to an e-mail from my boss, and it was the most glorious 60 seconds of my week! A storm is moving in, so it's a bit humid, and I'm really not adjusted to the warmer temperatures yet! And, I ran pretty hard - kept pushing myself. Let's just say I'm now pooped! Stats: 5.46 miles in 54:26 for a 9:59mpm pace

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