Thursday, April 12, 2012

Liberty and raisin bran

Unfortunately a solo run, but it was good, nonetheless. I ran after yoga, and the first two miles were just not fun. the raisin bran cereal that I had two hours earlier felt as if it hadn't moved an inch, and it was sitting at the top of my stomach. This caused some unpleasant stomach cramping, but whaddya' gonna' do? So, I ran through it. I managed, again, to time everything just right so that I didn't hit any lights or traffic or other obstacles that would cause me to slow or stop, so I was able to run the entire time. It was just a loop in Liberty, but it was a nice cool morning after last night's rain. The highlight: our crossing guard. She is so sweet, and she watches for us at 1700 South 300 East. This morning, she seemed genuinely pleased to see me and disappointed that Carol wasn't there. She had just been talking to a student that she had missed us for several mornings when along I came. She's just so nice....
Stats: 4.5 miles in 45:14 for a 10:04mpm pace

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