Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer is definitely here

It was 74* when we left and 86* when we finished! We ran 13 miles (exactly) today in 2:34:10 (11:52mpm). Not our best pace, but the heat really drained us both. The first 6.5 miles were a constant climb with only one downhill of about 50 yards. We ran up 21st to Foothill and connected to Bonneville Shoreline for a couple of miles. Then, we detoured off the trail through Tanner Park which was the best part of the run. All trails next to a creek and in the shade. It was easily 10* cooler through the park. Then, it was a difficult trudging run to get back because of the heat. Thanks to the folks at Rocky Mountain Grill for filling our bottles with ice and water. It looks like a nice little place; I'll have to stop by there sometime. I didn't even know it existed. Very nice folks. (1100 East and 20-something South - it was right across from the state liquor store) When we got back to work, we were only at 12.6 miles, so we had to run around the building. It would seem silly to stop at anything less than 13, and we were so close, but that .4 was the hardest part of the run!

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