Friday, July 9, 2010

I found my thrill on Gravity Hill.

Today's run (12.34 miles in 2:19:12 at 11:17mpm pace) was pretty good. Carol ran the first 2.5 with me, but then she turned back and headed back to work. She wasn't doing long miles today because she has a 10k trail race tomorrow. (Did I mention that she took 1st place in her age group at the 5k two weeks ago? Well, she did. Awesome!)

We ran up Main to South Temple. She turned back on State and I headed up to the capitol. I ran up more of that big incline than I walked, so I'm happy about that. When I got to the top of the hill, I decided that some stairs wouldn't actually kill me, and my jiggly butt needs all the help it can get. So, I managed to climb 173 steps around the capitol grounds before heading down Bonneville Blvd towards City Creek Canyon road.

Rounding the turn in the road, I was daunted by the incline up Bonneville Blvd to B Street, but I figured I would just do the best I could. Well, not to be full of myself or anything, but I friggin' rocked it! I ran up the entire thing except for a really quick stop to take this picture:

(The sweet peas were blooming all over the place!)

Anyway, I think that this must be the infamous Gravity Hill that everyone has always talked about but that I've never actually experienced. I almost felt like I was being pulled up the entire thing. It was GREAT! From the top of the hill I ran east to I Street, south to 9th Ave, east to J Street, south to 7th Ave, east to K Street and then south to 900 South. From here, I thought that it would be good to just get a lap in at Liberty Park to ensure that I would have enough miles to be over ten for the day. After my lap here, I really started to feel the effects of the heat (73* when we started, 82* when I finished). I headed back to work. I was going to extend the run, but I just didn't have it in me, and the road I was considering had no shade which sealed the deal.


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