Tuesday, July 13, 2010

USU loop in the heat

I took the day off and decided to go running with the boys. Unfortunately, they weren't big on eating breakfast, getting dressed, going potty, or any other thing that may have gotten us out the door early. So, it was hot when we started. We ran the USU loop for the first time in many months. It was nice, and we even saw two other runners out there, both of whom were men easily in their 60s. We stopped for a couple minutes to watch a hay mower and then again to watch the garbage truck. Very interesting stuff. We also stopped at the park for a potty break. Meatball managed to hold it the entire time until Peanut sat down. Then, the waiting was just too much. Poor guy.... We finished 4.58 miles in 59:21 which is a 12:58mpm pace; I'm happy with this because pushing that job stroller is NEVER easy.

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