Wednesday, May 5, 2010

to South Temple

I ran by myself today and decided to mix things up. I did an out-back from work to South Temple. My total mileage was 5.6 at 10:11mpm pace. I'm very happy with that. No, wait - let me make sure that I get this right: I'm VERY HAPPY WITH THAT!!!!!! However, sadly, it was not an efficient or steady run. I swear that I got stopped at every single light to wait for traffic. So, I didn't have to take any walk breaks because I got enough standing-around-waiting-for-the-light-to-change breaks. It was nice to see new sights and sounds, although I was very self conscious running past all of the construction guys - twice! I always think that people are staring (which they probably aren't) and wondering why I'm even bothering. Let's face it. I'm no super-model. I'm squat and currently shaped like an apple. I also have really white legs. It's just not a pretty sight.

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Lish said...

I bet they are looking, gawking and calling you the next big Marathon Star.