Monday, May 3, 2010

Running the Strip

While on a getaway weekend to Las Vegas, I managed to sneak one run in during nap time. It was the middle of the day and 65* (which is HOT after the winter that I just ran through). There were tons of people out on the Strip, but I chose to run there anyway since I didn't really know my way around and getting lost didn't sound like fun. I dodged a lot of people and ran seven or eight flights of stairs. My pace wasn't great (11:15mpm), and sadly, it was the only run that I got in the entire time. I had big intentions of running three times while there, but the boys now get up at the crack of dawn, and I wanted to let Bub sleep in. Oh well.

Oh, and back on the diet. I've completely blown it in the past three weeks. Miunching to stay awake and finish my school work did me no good. Drinks in Vegas didn't help.

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