Thursday, May 13, 2010

long, hilly, fun

Whew! What a run. I know that I didn't fuel quite sufficiently last night, and I sure felt it at the end of today's run. We ran from work --> state capitol --> through Memory Grove --> up City Creek Canyon (1/2 of this trail) then turned around and ran down City Creek --> up to M Street --> down to 700 E --> to Liberty --> and back to work. During this time, we gained 800 feet of elevation in the first 6.5 miles, and Carol fell and skinned her knee on the trail portion (it was quite rocky). I'm just glad that she didn't jam her already hurt wrist! Our pace really slowed from Liberty back to work; we were both pooped! Overall, we ran 14.15 miles @ 11:42mpm average pace. Not bad. The scenery and company made up for the fact that our pace was off just a bit. It was a really good run overall.

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