Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend catch-up

Friday brought a late night run (9pm) in the cemetary. 3.6 miles at an average pace of 11:13 mpm. I actually got the pepper spray out during the last lap because someone came in and stopped. Who goes to the cemetary at 9:45? Then again, who runs laps in the cemetary at 9:45pm? I did spend a couple of laps feeling sorry for myself because I missed the Amy Ray concert that night. Small, close venue.

Saturday, the boys went to Papa and Nana's house for a few hours so that I could really get some things done - which I did. I hated every second of it because I love spending time with them and don't get enough of them during the week. However, I did get all of the windows washed, the devil bush trimmed a bit, the apple tree pruned a lot (but more to do), the bathroom scrubbed, and a 6.8 mile run completed. My average pace was 10:17mpm!!!! This NEVER happens. I realize that it was all a gradual downhill, but even that doesn't seem like a good enough reason for ME to run that fast.

Today, Lizzy and I managed to slog out a 5.5 miler. Average pace was 11:17mpm. It was HARD. I ran as much last week as I did in the entire month of November. I also think that I've hurt my left quad in some way - either by my "blistering" pace yesterday or from stretching wrong. So, today's run was difficult - especially on the uphill portions. The next two days should be resting and cross training. That should give my quad what it's screaming for.

I'm also doing a new nutrition plan. It's all exactly what I should be doing. Five raw foods per day, no pork, no beef, no carbonated drinks, reduced sugar, no processed flour, only healthy fats, eliminate high fructose corn syrup whereever possible, etc. It's not really hard, and I've only been hungry once. I do really need to concentrate on NOT eating sweets - especially at work or at the end of the night. Salads, salads, salads. In one week, I've only had one cup of hot chocolate and one bite of a granola bar. That's it for sugar. I haven't eaten after 7:15pm for a week. I even made my own whole wheat bread which didn't rise appropriately and tastes/looks like a brown rock with walnuts. But, I'm happy to say that it's working. I'll post my results after the 21-day "challenge" is over.

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Deene said...

good luck on the diet. making whole wheat bread is usually a disaster because it doesn't have the elasticity of processed white flour. i make only 1/2 wheat bread.