Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running the dark might be preferable?

Lizzy and I did the Broadway loop with a lap in the cemetary.

I really had to push myself to up my pace. The first 12 minutes seemed like I was standing still. I really had to talk myself into pushing it after that. The gradual uphill of the run wasn't horrible, but I had to keep reminding myself to keep my pace decent. I did force myself to run up the hated hill to the cemetary. (Any hills done now will only help in the June relay and August 'thon.)

I was happy that this run was in the dark today because I really couldn't see the end of this entire uphill portion - 400 feet over 2 miles. Therefore, it wasn't as discouraging as it is in the daylight! I know that it's only 400 feet, but it's a constant slog - I've never liked it. Not being able to see it was good.

I tried to finish my lap in the cemetary before my watch turned to an hour, but I missed it by 20 seconds! Aaarrruuuugggghhhh! Then, I really pushed myself to run as quickly as I could for the block home. Today's run was really all about making myself move past my groggy morning limitations. My overall average pace was 11:27mpm.

As usual, Lizzy had a blast. Oh, by the way - it was COLD!

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Nathan said...

Wow. Way to keep it up in the middle of the winter!