Sunday, February 22, 2009

catching up, the Double Wide, and a long run, the 21-day plan and wheat bread

I ran on Thursday night after an argument. Just up to Grimm's Gate, but I think that being in a really bad mood is helpful to my pace since I finished at 10:34mpm.

Then, I got up on Friday morning and ran again. This time, I ran then USU loop. Apparently, running again so soon isn't something that my body enjoys as my pace was 12:03mpm.

Yesterday, the weather was wonderful, and I decided that the boys would love to be outside, so (even though the weather was great, I wasn't taking any chances) I bundled them up in their snow suits and we were off to run errands. Snow suits were a very good idea as the breeze had a bite to it. And, my "errands" I mean that I had to return a video that was late. Since it's been four months that I've been running without the boys and the stroller, I had COMPLETELY forgotten how stinking hard that double-wide is to push! I was wiped out. The boys are a combined 54 pounds. I have no idea how much the double-wide weighs, but it's enough. It is heartening to know that with the improved weather and more boy accompanied runs, I'll be sleek and trim in no time. Or whatever.

This morning was a long run of about 10.8 miles. I ran out and back on Droubay. The "back" is very similar in distance and elevation climb as leg two of the WBR in June. My plan is to run this at least 1x/week. Keeping this up will contribute to the aforementioned "sleek and trim" bod that had better come this week!

So, the 21-day healthier living plan didn't work exactly the way that I wanted it to. My goal was to lose two pounds more than I did, but then again, I lost focus around the time of little bro's wedding. Still, I managed to lose five pounds in less than three weeks. That's not horrible.

And, as for the healthy eating portion of the 21-day plan, I am determined to do this for about forever. It's really been good for me. The 5-raw-foods/day is hard to do (not to mention, expensive), but I can see the benefits. With the exception of pasta, I've cut out all white flour and sugar is quickly becoming a non-issue (WTF?!?!?). After some good suggestions and some research, I found that my all-wheat bread needed some gluten (which white flour usually supplies which is why they are often used in equal parts). So, I just decided to go straight to the source and buy some gluten. It's cheap and looks like it will last for quite some time. This is good because I think that it will take "quite some time" for me to master this bread thing. What a pain in my ass. Loaf #2 isn't rock hard like the first loaf, but it's nothing to write home about. I'm going to try loaf #3 the traditional way (kneading my own dough? that will be a first) and give my bread maker a break.

Oh - it's been 21 days since I've even had a sip of beer. It hasn't been hard, but I sure wouldn't mind one right about now..... Yesterday would have been better after some guy wrecked into us in the parking lot of the store. His trailer hitch was scratched where it plowed into both passenger doors and flattened our rear tire. Nothing else on his big truck was hurt at all. We need to have body work done. The really good news: nobody was injured. We were very worried about Meatball since the trailer hitch mashed into his door, but all is well.

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Deene said...

good luck on the bread making, i love home made bread. Wheat bread is tricky to make, mine is always crumbly but delicious anyway. i used to have a recipe where you add honey or molasses.