Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Darkness descends

I ran after dinner which led to some stomach pain during the run. However, it was without the boys/stroller, so I was able to really push myself. I walked only once during this run (the entire first half is uphill). It was dark, and I still can't find my headlamp. This is a royal pain in the ass because when cars approach, I can't see the road for their headlights. After they pass, I can't see the road because I'm temporarily blinded by their headlights. When there are no cars, I can't see the road because there are no streetlights. Night running will now be relegated to the cemetary or the high school track. BORING! Additionally, at the top of my run (in the middle of a field on a gravel road with NO street lights for at least 1/4 mile), there were two cars parked together, dome lights on and some scurrying as I approached. Surely, the occupants were up to no good. I didn't linger.

At the very end of my run, I did five hill repeats. (This only the second time I've ever done hill repeats.) They weren't awful. Not easy, but not horrible. Maybe I need a steeper hill? Maybe I'm just strong and sexy under this mass of blubber.

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