Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nice fall run

It was cloudy and chilly after a morning of serious wind and decent rain. I ran with Lizzy today after putting the boys down for a nap. I waited until they were in their cribs for naps before leaving because Bub hasn't felt well all day. We ran the USU loop with a teeny detour to drop our outgoing mail off at the post office. Even though I was tired at the end, the entire run seemed like my legs belonged to someone else. They were very consistent and steady. I finished the 4.5ish miles at an 11 mpm pace. Pleased with that. I thought a lot about how I'm going to find the $ to run the four marathons that I want to do next year. We are on a VERY tight budget right now, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I guess I'll just do what I can. Returned home to find out that the boys never did fall asleep, so we bundled them up so that I could get them out of Bub's hair and give Gus a little walk. It was a good cool down for me, too.

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