Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reflecting upon my bad behavior

Dropped the car off to have a flat repaired. The boys and I took off for a 4-ish miler. Almost half way into it, I came upon a group of seven or eight middle school boys surrounding another boy who is doubled over on the ground. So, of course, I stop and ask the boy-on-the-ground if he is OK.

One of the boys standing around - heretofore to be called the Punk - responds that boy-on-the-ground is just fine. I let the Punk know that I prefer that boy-on-the-gound respond for himself to which the Punk lets me know that they have been friends since 2nd grade and that it's none of my business. Boy-on-the-ground finally responds that he is OK, but still hasn't stood up or shown his face. I ask a couple more times and he assures me that he's fine and is finally sitting up.

So, the boys and I start walking away and the Punk says to boy-on-the-ground "I didn't really kick you that hard." So, I turn around and let the Punk know that I heard him and that I'm still concerned that he's kicking other people. He tells me that they were just wrestling around and it was a mistake and as he walks away he says "Damn, nosey people getting into other people's shit!" OK - now, I'm not happy. So, I tell him that he's being a dink (yes - I used that word) and I just wanted to make sure that his "friend" was OK. The boys and I finally go on our way and then the Punk yells "Have a nice day, bitch."

So, I gave him the finger.

Like I said, I reflected on my bad behavior. The boys and I ran to our turn around point, and I was mad at myself the entire time. Come on. I am (or am supposed to be) the grown-up. What the hell was I doing? Even in my self directed anger, I did enjoy the little bit of fear in the boys when the realized that I was running towards them again. Constant looking back and walking faster. A little part of me did do the "he-he-he" giggle.

So, I finally catch up with the Punk, and I asked him if I could talk to him. Suddenly, he's quite the little gentleman! I started by apologizing to him, and I let him know that my actions weren't very grown-up. He started apologizing right and left. So, I just said, "Look. You've got to understand where I'm coming from. I don't know you or your friend. Therefore, I didn't know if he was one of those kids who is always picked on or if you're a jerk or if you were really just wrestling. Frankly, your behavior so far didn't do much for your first impression. I want to apologize again for giving you the bird, but if you're going to treat me with that level of disrespect, you've got to expect the same in return."

It was quite a speech, and he was really quite apologetic, too. Even though it turned into something bigger than it should have been, I'm glad that I stopped in the first place. However, I am still pissed at myself for being such an idiot.

Just goes to prove that if you're not bothering to use your brain, you can act just like a pre-teen Punk.

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