Monday, February 15, 2016

Mish mash of DDPY

This morning, I got up and started immediately with WU.
Then, I proceeded to SU. I love SU. Love it. Balance workouts seem to be my cup of tea. Because of that, I think, I don't seem to engage as much as I do when I'm doing stuff like push-ups or side planks. This was confirmed as my heart rate felt low as it always does in SU.
Therefore, I knew that I needed to work harder in the final minutes of my workout, so I chose the last half of DC - you know, the half I didn't do yesterday. I'm glad that I did. My heart rate was up and I was sweating.

I do have a HRM, but it doesn't want to pick up the reading between the chest strap and the watch, so I'm taking my reading with two fingers and 10-seconds on the screen. I then multiply that reading by 6 and move on. My 10-second readings (which may or may not have been accurate) were 17 and 16 which means that my 1-minute readings were 102 and 96.
The trouble here is that my max heart rate is supposed to be 175.
I'll be honest - I'm not sure if I ever reach that when I'm running. I'm going to have to start paying better attention during my short and long runs.
I know from blood draws and blood pressure checks and etc. that my heart rate is always pretty low (much like my mom's was, but for different reasons). But, I'm sure that I can still stand to figure out how to raise it during my workouts.

I think, however, that if I'm going to go ahead with this certification, I need to be able to
1) verify my own HR,
2) find good moments/positions with which to take my HR,
3) help others check their HR during a workout (because not everyone will own a HRM or will remember to bring a HRM to a class).

Anyway, after working out, I made everyone breakfast - yummy Belgian waffles (made with coconut and soy milks, rice and whole-wheat flour, and honey instead of sugar). I realize that they aren't perfect, but the family didn't even notice the substitutions. (It's all in the folding of the egg whites...)
Like a dope, I ate two of the waffles. One was plain, and the other had peanut butter and un-sweetened applesauce instead of syrup, jam, or anything else.
Also, an egg and a banana. Yum!

Now - after this movie is over (Truth with Robert Redford and Kate Blanchett), I'm going to do my taxes, get some dinner prepped, and then go for a snow shoe hike with the dogs. I love days off.

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