Sunday, February 14, 2016

DDPY - DC1/2, NRG, and RHC

Valentine's Day - what a wonderful morning!
I got breakfast in bed from the boys (truly made by the little Mrs. and delivered by the boys...).
I got some yummy chocolate covered caramels which I can't eat because I gave up sugar for Lent (and hopefully longer).
I got a heart-shaped pendant that makes me think of my little stinkers.
I asked what we were doing and what time we were leaving the house. I got "I don't know... I would like to drink my coffee." Then, halfway through DC, I got "You know you have about 15 minutes before we need to leave?" Sigh.

Besides the three dogs walking underneath me while I was in down dog and sticking their butts in my face, and the sound skipping out, the first 29 minutes of Diamond Cutter were very good.
I was focusing very much on keeping my lower half engaged. I typically do very well when DDPY tells me to engage, but then we move to the fire hydrant, and I focus on that and forget about the bottom half. After almost a year, it is still an effort to remember to keep both engaged as much as possible.
I got through Broken Table and Chicken Wing before I had to shower. There was sweat dripping during Broken Table. This is typically when the sweat starts "to drip off my nose."

We enjoyed lunch out where I chose something logical and pretty healthy: cilantro-lime rice, broccoli, and mango-chile chicken. It was good!
I was going to have a chicken burrito which would have been tasty and a decent choice, but it wouldn't have been quite as healthy.
Then, we went to the Ute basketball game (where the Utes kicked the crap out of Washington State), and I did eat a jumbo pretzel. However, I didn't have cotton candy. I didn't have gummy worms. I didn't have M&Ms.
After the game, we went to Baskin Robbins where I enjoyed not a single bite of ice cream. I'm staying strong at 4-days no sugar.

Now, the rest of the family is climbing into bed, and I'm going to mend a pillow and do NRG and RHC. This will get me to my 1-hour of DDPY for the day, and before you know it, I will be so freaking awesome.

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