Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Corporate Games

I participated in the Salt Lake County Corporate Winter Games as the runner in the triathlon relay. It was an odd set up, at least I thought so. It was all indoors, and a timed (not a distance) event. Basically, the swimmers swam for ten minutes. They got a point for every lap that they completed. The runners ran for 25 minutes and got a point for every 1/10mile they completed. The cyclists biked (on recumbant bikes? odd) for 25 minutes and got a point for every 1/10mile they completed. Then, the just added up all of the points, and there you go.

So, I started by warming up on the indoor track with the boys. (Wait. We started by getting lost since I was given a wrong address. Therefore, we were late to the check in. Grrrr...) So, the boys and I just jogged around the indoor track a few times. Then, we wandered around and checked things out. We watched our swimmer for a few minutes, but the activity pool was being refinished, so we couldn't stay in that room for long. The fumes from the chlorine, paint, adhesives, and other chemicals was just too much. Our swimmer was awesome, though. The was just very consistent and the water barely broke when he completed his strokes. The other swimmers were very choppy and had to keep taking breaks. Our guy rocked it.

Then, we all stood around and waited for a treadmill to come open. I hadn't run on a treadmill since November 2010, and so I felt all wonky. I was running up against the front of the belt the entire time because I had it on 0% incline (I needed all the help I could get), and I was trying to get some points for our team, so I had the speed cranked (for me). In my 25 minutes, I completed 2.85 miles. The room was really hot and packed with people. I started at a 6.5 pace and continuously amped it up and down so that I could get some speed and some recovery. I was generally between 6.7 and 7.2, but at the end, I had it up to 7.4. I felt pretty good about all of that. (My stats for this portion were 2.85 miles in 25 minutes for an 8:47mpm pace!)

I had also done a slow warm-up on the treadmill, so I have bumped my overall distance up and my overall pace down for the day's total.

After I was done, we cheered on our biker who was really cranking it out. It was a really fun event, all things considered. There was a bit more waiting around than I expected, but it was a good time.
Stats: 3 miles in 30 minutes for a 10mpm pace

This is what happens when Bub takes a picture with my phone..... Oh well.

This picture MIGHT be a bit better:

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