Monday, March 26, 2012

Just before the storm

Today was a completely solo run in Tooele. I left the dogs home because, well, I just wasn't up for dealing with them today. What a boob I am! Anyway, I ran the same route that I took them on last week, and my time was much different. I stopped twice for traffic, and I took two walk breaks but only because I was going straight into the wind. It was nasty this morning, but I managed to make it home right before the storm hit. The sky was spitting a few raindrops while I was out, but it was full-on raining by the time I got out of the bath, and it was hailing when we left the driveway. I got done just in time! It was a good run, and I felt strong throughout.
Stats: 4.58 miles in 49:52 or a 10:52mpm pace

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