Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Geez! Tubbo and Lardo!

A solo run in Tooele - these are rare. I took the dogs - even more rare! Our pace for the first 1/2 mile was really good, but then it kicked in and Lizzy was wiped out by mile 3. We did a lot of walk breaks for her. In fact, we did a lot of standing breaks! Sadie was even pretty calm because she was so tired! I haven't taken Liz for a run for a long time, so I'm sure that she is now sore. I've only taken Sadie a couple of times, but she managed to remember something from those times, and she behaved really well. I've got to get the two of them out more. Liz has gained 9 pounds in 2 years - and she's not a big dog. And, Sadie? She's just a fatso right now which is ridiculous since she is still just a puppy. It was a good run - cold, but fun.
Stats: 4.58 miles in 54:24 for an 11:53mpm pace

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