Friday, February 17, 2012

blah to the nth degree

After weight class, I didn't have the energy to put on my pants, so I ran in my shorts. It was cold, but at least I ran. I ran all over industrial SoSaLa, and it was really not that exciting. I didn't really want to be out there, but I need the miles. Of course, I'm glad now that I got those measly 3 miles in, but otherwise: blah. I'm just tired and ornery today (probably a good thing I was running by myself). I need sleep and iron.....
THEN - when I got back to work, I fell UP the stairs - right in front of two people. It's bad enough when you do it and nobody can see, but.... Come on!
Stats: 3 miles in 32:30 for a 10:50mpm pace

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