Monday, December 12, 2011

Felt free

This was a really good run. I did two laps in Sugarhouse Park and then back to work after back-to-back doctor appointments. The second was with my dermatologist where he let me know that all of my freckles are still in check. Yay! The first was with an ENT who basically told me that there is a 90% chance that I was misdiagnosed with Meniere's 10-12 years ago and that I probably have patulous eustachian tube problems. I need to do a bunch more research on this, but I felt "free" during my run. Not that Meniere's is a death sentence, but the eventual loss of hearing, and the progressive worsening of episodes, and the like are just not good for the spirit! To have these possibly removed from my future is a true psychological lightening of my load. More tests (during episodes) will be needed, but it got me to thinking. More on that to come.
Stats: 5.68 miles in 56:22 for a 10:06mpm pace

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