Thursday, May 19, 2011

Damn equilibrium.....

After two days of vertigo, I was able to run again today. It felt good. I still have Meniere's induced brain fog, my left ear is still ringing like a church bell, and I'm still a tad unsteady on my feet, BUT it felt good to get out even if it was raining for the entire time I was out! Like - rain, rain - not even sprinkles. My feet were soaked due to a big puddle that I just couldn't avoid before I had even crossed State Street. The entire run was like that. I really had to focus in order to run through the brain fog - it's like I'm running and trying to catch up to myself all at the same time. I know where my body is, but it feels like my brain and vision are about ten steps behind my body. It's really weird and hard to explain. Anyway, the only place I had a hard time was on 13th South where the driveways and the sidewalk are one and they are incredibly uneven. I felt like I was always about to fall on this short stretch.
Stats: 5 miles in 52:35 for a 10:31mpm pace

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