Friday, May 6, 2011

and the last four were UGLY

I was wearing the wrong watch, so I had estimated my distance. Dang! I was so close! Oh well. Long runs are BORING without a running partner. I don't know how I suffered through them for five years before starting to run with Carol!
I took my gu too early (around mile six). So, I was wiped out by mile 11 making the next four miles ugly. It was probably lucky for Carol that she wasn't there because I was getting really tired and ornery which would have translated to bitchy or whiney - neither of which I every want to be with her because she is so consistently positive!
I ate a decent amount of pasta last night, but I think that I'm still trying to find the right way to get my protein in sans-meat. I'll figure it out!
It was a good run all over Salt Lake Proper and South Salt Lake. I'm happy that it's done, though!
Stats: 14.91 miles in 2:43:32 for a 10:59mpm pace

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