Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fall down, go boom...

Well, this wasn't a really difficult run, but it was made a smidge harder because of the soreness from yesterday's weight workout. Everything is sore. Glutes, hams, quads, delts, chest, UG! The only thing not sore are my calves. Then, at about mile 4, I tripped and really biffed it hard. I scuffed up my palms and my right knee, so now it hurts, too! I know, I know - waaaa, waaa, waaa. But, I'm happy to have the miles in. The workouts are a good stress reliever and mental break from the final 3 days of MBA madness. I'm going to pass on Friday. I am. If I don't, I might go crazy!
Stats: 5.18 miles in 59:36 for a 11:31mpm pace

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