Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running is probably the only productive thing that will happen today....

Strategy today: just pick a pace and stick to it. I only took one walk break and a conversation break. I probably should have skipped the walk break; I could have. The 3-minute conversation was a nice break for my body, but not for my brain or emotions. If it's not one god-damn thing, it's another. Today's catastrophes: furnace won't ignite so the house is friggin' cold, and while flipping the switch (in hopes of just magically fixing the ignition with my flip switching abilities?), I noticed that there is a puddle of water under the water heater. Goodbye summer concerts that I wanted to go to; hello new water heater. Today sucks. Focusing on keeping a consistent pace was the only thing that kept me from sitting down on the sidewalk and crying. And I don't even have PMS today! Gawd!
Stats: 5 miles in 53:35 for a 10:31mpm pace

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