Thursday, April 7, 2011

Raising expectations

Flat and easy because half of this run was into the wind! We ran an altered Liberty loop today knowing that tomorrow will be long. It was a good and chatty run, but the 10mph wind gusts for the last six-ish blocks weren't fun. They seemed to really zap our energy quite quickly. This run was a mixture of road, sidewalk, dirt, and wood chip path. It may be the same SoSaLa that we always see, but these changes were enough to mix it up and kept it pretty fresh.

It wasn't six months ago that we were saying that we would be pleased with any run around 11:30 pace. However, we have been consistenly sub-11 for almost the entire year so far with just a couple of runs in the +11 pace. Now, anything over 10:59 is a huge disappointment! Time to raise the bar again.
Stats: 4.64 miles in 50:45 for a 10:57 pace

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