Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold, schmold!

We had a niiiiice run today. We both got tired towards the end, but that's because we just (unintentionally) took four days off. The weather in these parts has been COLD (9*, 11*, never getting over 25*). While "cold" doesn't usually bother us, 9* is a bit much, and it makes for icy roads to boot! Air quality has been awful, so we just do the best with what we have. Running in the afternoons is an option, but it's hard to squeeze runs in between meetings and requests from system end users. So, it was nice to get outside today in the 19*-feels-like-12*. We ran downtown and right past the KUTV studios. You may have seen us run by Debbie Worthen during one of her weather reports as she was broadcasting from the sidewalk. Debbie, here, is a runner, too!
Stats: 6 miles in 1:06:00 for 11mpm pace

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