Monday, November 15, 2010

the not-so-picturesque tour of SoSaLa

I took more than a week off from running after I returned from Canada because everything just hurt. I was achy from the waist down. I'm sure that it's the shoes. (I swapped for an old pair with fewer miles on them, but they still have 550 which is better than the 632 that my black shoes have!) Well, it's either the shoes or the five pounds that I managed to add in just two weeks. Halloween candy is evil.

Anyway, I dropped the POS Honda off at Dutch's this morning to be fixed (all four cylinders misfiring - pray that it isn't too expensive) and ran from there. So, it was a tour of very UN-picturesque SoSaLa with plenty of auto exhaust added in. I stuck to main roads (State, 2700 South, 700 East, 1700 South) because I was running by myself again and it's just not smart to run in dark neighborhoods.

Stats: 4.28 miles in 45:06 for a 10:33 mpm pace

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