Thursday, November 20, 2008

And, speaking of being a big, fat baby......

After the boys woke from their nap, we had a snack and I changed into my running clothes. Before running, we had to take Gus around the block. (He's old, and that's about as much as he can handle. Plus, it makes him feel included since he has to sit home while Lizzy runs alongside us.) So, post-snack, the boys bundled up, and I got the jog stroller out. I had a hard time popping it into place for some reason.

We walked around the block. By the time we got home (after picking up dropped shoes, mittens, hats, and doggie doodie), it was getting pretty chilly, and Bub pulled into the driveway. We decided to have an early dinner. Shuffled the boys into the house, threw the fish in the oven and the quinoa on the stove and went back out to fold up the stroller. NOT BUDGING! Apparently, I've messed up the latch mechanism while popping it into place. CRAP. Oh well. Papa will fix it, I'm sure.

So, after dinner, the boys were covered in quinoa and smelled like cod, so they got into the tub where they proceeded to splash water all over me and my running clothes. No biggie, because I was going to wait until they went to bed to run, anyways. We played, had a treat (chocolate pudding and yogurt) and brushed teeth before winding down for bedtime.

After putting the boys to bed, I proceeded to sit my big butt on the couch and eat about 700 peanut butter cookies. Yes - I sat around in my running clothes for FOUR HOURS and never did more than walk around the block.

My excuse: I don't want to.

OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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