Friday, November 7, 2008

MUST run if I'm going to complete a marathon

Liz and I ran laps in the cemetary last night. I ran hard and consistent even considering the late hour (9:20 - 10:10 pm).

Approximate lap times (I say approximate because they don't add up to my final time of 48:32, but they are what I remember in my head. Need to get my lap watch fixed.)
lap 1 - 10:10
lap 2 - 9:25
lap 3 - 8:52
lap 4 - 10:24
lap 5 - 9:19
Pleased with this run and pace!

Reflections while on this run:
Do not step in any pot holes.
Do not trip on uneven road surface.
Keep an eye out for crazies roaming the cemetary late at night.
Do not get attacked by rabid fox:
(No - I can't get the link feature to work; you must copy/paste the link yourself.)

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