Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tighter than my own wallet

I am notoriously thrifty, cheap, tight with the purse strings.
Well, now we can add all of the muscles in my body to the "tight" list.

I did yoga yesterday. Wait - let me clarify that. I TRIED to do yoga yesterday. Honestly! I can barely do a torso twist, and it's not a pretty sight.

"Back in the day" I could do the splits in both directions, twist my back like a circus performer, and fold in half so that my head not only reached my knees but proceeded past them to the floor.

In all of my free time (oh, ha-ha-ha), I need to add yoga to my regimen a few times each week. Not to mention the weight lifting. And the 20-60 miles/week running/walking. And the aerobic cross training.

So, maybe I don't have a ton (any) of free time, but if I could find time to do even half of this, just think what the possibilities are for my (someday) hot bod.

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