Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't expect too much

Many of my runs consist of thoughts like "I'm so friggin' tired," "This stroller is a bitch to push," "Oh, my God!" "This hill is killing me."

Sometimes I have deep thoughts, but often, not. I frequently think of things that I need to get done, but by the time I'm done running, I've forgotten most of them.

Today, I concentrated on my breathing. Really, that's about all that I thought about. The boys and I chatted, pointed at the clouds, laughed while they held their feet up on in the air. We stopped at the park and played on the slide and steps.

It was windy but warm. The last part of the run was into the wind, though. Tough when pushing the stroller! My time, however, was about 12:36 for 4.5 miles. That's GREAT for me considering the conditions.

I also thought a bit about a 'thon that I would like to do next year: Runs with Horses. It's in Green River, WY in August. Most of it is on dirt roads through a state part (I think). Anyway, there are wild mustangs all through the run. Sounds like fun!

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