Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fartleks - real, honest to gooness fartleks

I ran from work to Sugarhouse (one lap) and back to work this morning. I only stopped once (@7thE) on the way up to wait for the light. I took a little walk break (@13E) after re-tying my shoe. I ran one lap in the park and took another walk break at the end after re-tying my other shoe. About half way through the park, I decided to try some speedwork, which I very rarely do. This consisted of running faster from one light pole to the next and then slowing to my normal pace. I continued this all the way back to work. It got harder and harder, but I knew that I could do it. I also didn't walk at all on the return trip. My groin muscles are tired, and I'll need to stretch some more, but it paid off. 5.5 miles @ 10:52mpm! I don't think that I've ever run that far at that low of a pace with two short hills and one lengthy incline! Yeah!

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