Sunday, December 14, 2008

What have I done?!?!

I'm definitely in one of those "oh-my-god-what-have-i-done-what-was-i-thinking" places right now.

Not having run for over a week, I still went out to the Wasatch Back Relay site and managed to get hooked up on a team with 11 people that I don't know with the purpose of running three portions of a 180-mile relay race in June.

Yes, yes, I know! I haven't run for over a week! I'm not fast! I'll slow the whole team down!

But, I've always wanted to do this race, but I can never find 11 other people dumb enough to sign up. I will run consistently if I pay for something AND ESPECIALLY if other people are counting on me. They claim to not be very fast, either, and say that they are just in it for the fun. (I really hope that that aren't full of crap.) And, I got caught up in the excitement since my friend, Nate, is also doing the relay.

The legs range in distance from 3 miles to a maximum of just 8.5 miles from Logan to Park City, but it's not the distances that have me freaked out. It's the elevation changes. Some of these are really difficult: a downhill elevation change of 2000 feet, an uphill elevation change of 800 feet (with NO flats or downs - just straight up a hill for FOUR miles), an uphill elevation change of 800 feet with one flat but the course description promises a beautiful view of Snow Basin (provided you haven't passed out from the lack of oxygen after the climb). Only one runner has an "easy" go of it with two moderate and one easy leg of the race. Everyone else has at least one "hard" or "very hard" leg.

Oh. My. God.

This is all Nate's fault. Being all excited and pumped. Maybe he's trying to kill me without getting blood on his hands.....

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Deene said...

how exciting to look forward to a relay! I've wanted to participate in the 200 mile Wild West Relay here in colorado but no one's thought I'm cool enough to invite. I don't know that many runners to start a group either.