Monday, December 1, 2008

IsabelleV and AlysenQ's pep talk

In response to an ultra-whiney e-mail from me about not finding time to workout (waaa-waaa-waaa), IsaV and AlyQ have sent me the following words of inspiration:

"There is so little in your world that you can control. If you took things listed them, you would find the "not within my control list" to be extensive. You CAN control your workouts and what goes into your body. When you are running, that is YOUR time. No excuses, no pity, no reasons why not. Your head feels more clear, you walk a bit taller because you did it. You don't walk around with that invisible troll on your sholders. The one that tells you you're fat and too lazy to work out. You know the voice: That nagging that stays in the back of your head whispering the mean words, feeding your feelings of selfdoubt, never letting up and not silencing in spite of the noise & activity going on outside of your head. YOU can silence that little bastard. The hour you find to workout goes a long way toward buying you peace. You run that troll into silence, at least for a day or two. Each time you making him weaker and weaker until when at home doing other things, you don't hear that nagging in your head telling you what a lazy fat butt you are. It can be done. It should be done. Eliminating that voice, that nagging troll of doubt that currently weighs on you makes you feel better mentally not just physically. That makes you a better, more focused wife, mother, employee, friend and blogger. You are declaring WAR on that bastard voice, TAKE IT OUT."

This one of the reasons that I love them both.

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my cockles are warm.