Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Like a dope, I type "in the groove" and jinxed myself, for sure!
Yes - it was just yesterday that I awoke at the butt-crack of 4:30am to run. It didn't suck, I didn't die, I had energy, I wasn't whiney for most of the day. So, it seems that I should do this daily, right?
Well, becuase I'm a dope and actually put figurative pen to paper, it figures that my best intentions would be hijacked by sources other than me!
I worked last night until 10:30 which wouldn't have been so bad. I could have still braved the dark morning solitude, but it would have been less fun. However, add in two screaming toddlers all night, and I was in no shape to run at the same time - or any time for that matter!
Don't get me wrong - I WAS awake at 4:30, but since I had been awake all friggin' night, I just wasn't in the mood.
Still - I gotta love 'em. They are the cutest toddlers in the history of little people!

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