Friday, March 4, 2011

Another long at a consistent pace!

Awesome long run! Carol and I ran together for the first 5.5 miles. Then, she peeled off to head back to work. She had hip pain earlier this week and didn't want to do more than 8 miles total. I was scheduled for 12. So, we tackled the hill on 8th South for the first time this year. It was as awful as it was last year. Horrible. Very hard. We ran half of it - maybe. Then, we really enjoyed the gradual downhill to 21st South. That's when we parted. I ran both an inside and outside loop of Sugarhouse and then turned north to 17th before going back to work. It was good, and the ONLY thing that I concentrated on was running a consistent pace. I was TIRED, but I kept pushing for my pace to be consistent. It paid off!
Stats: 12.19 miles in 2:13:31 for a 10:58mpm pace!!!! (I've only run 10+ miles at a sub-11 pace two other times: last June and last April! Both of those runs were barely over 10. I've NEVER run this far at a sub-11 pace! Yay for me!)

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