Monday, December 6, 2010

cleaning out the cob-webs - or spun sugar - whatever

Wow. Two weeks off didn't do me any good at all! Today's run was foggy, and the roads were really wet. We were going to do Liberty, but an almost-fall on some of the wet leaves had us opting for the roads with traffic. My hamstrings were tired by 3.5 miles, and my entire left leg was completely disgusted with me by 4.5. Carol and I are both a bit wiped out. On a side note, no matter how hard I try to disprove the theory, I think it's true that sugar actually drains you instead of making you peppier, and given the amount of sugar that I've been eating lately, it's a wonder that I was able to finish this run at all!
Stats: 5.35 miles in 1:00:18 for a 11:17mpm pace

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